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A lot of you are probably familiar with already, but for those who aren't they're a volunteer tech group in the US who aim to provide secure services to activists. They provide email, I think 2 VPN servers, and other things. If you want an account you can apply and they may accept depending on what you put. They run on donations. | Crunchbase is an autonomous body that provides online communication tools for people and groups working on liberatory social change. The project supports and engages in struggles for human liberation, the ethical treatment of animals, and ecological sustainability; works to create revolution and a free society by building alternative communication infrastructure designed to oppose and replace All About Crabgrass v0.0 [en] - All About - Riseup Riseup Collective is an autonomous collective of volunteer activist which provides alternative communications infrastructure. At last count, we had 20 thousand email users, 13 thousand lists, two million list subscribers, and 50 hosted servers. What does the name mean? ¶

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About Us - All your data, including your mail, is stored by in encrypted form. We work hard to keep our servers secure and well defended against any malicious attack. We do not share any of our user data with anyone. We will actively fight any attempt to subpoena or otherwise acquire any user information or logs. Home - Jun 12, 2020 Subscribing - login at using the address which is subscribed to the list. If you don’t have a password, follow the links on that page to have one mailed to you. once you are logged in, click “Your subscriptions” near the top of the page. click the name of the list you want off.