You can't ping ports, as Ping is using ICMP which doesn't have the concept of ports. Ports belong to the transport layer protocols like TCP and UDP. However, you could use nmap to see whether ports are open or not. nmap -p 80 Edit: As flokra mentioned, nmap is more than just a ping-for-ports-thingy.

Dec 08, 2015 · Integrated Windows ping command line utility can’t ping over a TCP connection. For that reason, we must use an alternative utility to perform TCP PING with IP address and port like tcping.exe – ping over a tcp connection: Another alternative to standard Windows ping utility is PsPing; and here is the real example from practice: Ping Remote Port with the curl Command. curl is a command used to download and upload over the network via command line for Linux systems. It is also provided for Windows systems as a 3rd party tool. We can use the curl to ping remote specific port. We will just provide the host and port by delimiting them with :. In the following example, we Sep 26, 2018 · Technically, ping uses a protocol that doesn't include the concept of port numbers, so there's no standard ping port, nor can you use ping to check the status of a specific port. You can, however, use other tools to check whether you're able to connect to a particular IP address and port, which is the equivalent of sending a ping to an IP and port. Ping Specific Port using nc. In order to ping a specific port number, execute the “nc” command with the “v” option for “verbose”, “z” for “scanning” and specify the host as well as the port to be pinged. You can also specify a domain name instead of an IP address followed by the port that you want to ping. Port check - Tests if TCP port is opened on specified IP. Online Ping, Traceroute, DNS lookup, WHOIS, Port check, Reverse lookup, Proxy checker, Bandwidth meter, Network calculator, Network mask calculator, Country by IP, Unit converter The ping protocol does not send TCP packets to the remote host to identify open ports. In this article, I’m just using the term “ping the port” in the context of “poking the port” to verify if it’s open (listening) or not. Let’s see three ways to check if a port is open: Using Telnet

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How to ping an IP address that is reachable via the management interface, while the interface is in the mgmt-vrf? Question With the introduction of NOS 5.0.0 and NOS 5.0.1 code,by default the management interface is configured in avrf withthe name"mgmt-vrf".

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Ping Test — Find the network latency of any device on the PING TOOL USED IN THIS TEST. If you are familiar with the regular ping used on Linux operating systems or even Windows, you will notice that the output of this tool is slightly different. That is because it is using the nping tool that ships with nmap.. ABOUT NPING. Here is the blurb from the man page of nping.. Nping is an open-source tool for network packet generation, response analysis and [SOLVED] Find out IP associated with WSD port - Windows May 23, 2018