Mar 20, 2018

Mar 21, 2020 HOW TO CHECK YOUR VPN IS WORKING 🔐 (AMAZON FIRESTICK Dec 27, 2018 Is your VPN secure? How to check for leaks | PCWorld Mar 20, 2018

VPN SafeSpot is great. It’s worked with no problems since I installed it. I always know if my VPN is working or down just by the color of a dot in the top right hand of …

Apr 15, 2019 · VPN malware. Technology experts would never recommend using a free VPN. Not only do most contain annoying ads, some actually contain malware. If you are using a free VPN, you might already be exposing more personal information than you wanted to. You’ve been hacked. You might think that your VPN isn’t working because someone has broken into it.

Do you see the problem here if your VPN does not work as it should? Take the tests with and without your VPN running and check the values. Next step is to know how to test VPN for DNS leaks. Check DNS Leaks. A simple way to take this online VPN test is to go to and opt for the extended test. It lists all the DNS servers

If you notice any leaks, or that your VPN is not working properly, some solutions will be listed below. IP address test – To start, go with a simple IP check. Make sure that the location shown on the map is not your actual home location, and that it’s your VPN providers server. Extended IP address test – This test is where it really counts. Is Your VPN / Proxy Working? Check Your Torrent IP-Address Mar 20, 2016