Groupon Introduces Gnome, an iPad-Powered Point-of-Sale

Groupon Backing Down from Trademark Scuffle with GNOME Nov 11, 2014 Talking Travelocity Gnome | Groupon Goods Talking Travelocity Gnome. Barbara Walters better schedule an interview with the Travelocity Gnome, because he's ready to talk. The hand-painted gnome--a staple of travel agency Travelocity's ad campaign--comes versed in 17 different sayings, none of which include an appeal for gas money. Groupon issues a challenge to Square with today's Gnome Groupon today announced the launch of its new iPad-based point-of-sale system for local retailers, called Gnome (pronounced “Gee-nome”). The system enables paperless Groupon voucher redemption, in addition to CRM functionality, an “all-in-one cash register” that accepts debit and credit card payments, point-of-sale services including inventory management, and integration with GNOME Foundation forced to defend its trademark against

May 21, 2014 · Groupon wants to make its experience more attractive for both merchants and users, and the company hopes Gnome is the answer.

Gerben explored different ideas to have each gnome transform into a unique and funny pose. More polished final poses. FUN FACT: At one point, there was an idea for a gnome hot tub pose! May 19, 2014 · Groupon's Gnome ( is a tablet-based platform that will fundamentally change the way consumers redeem Groupons and how merchants run their business and interact with their

GNOME – An easy and elegant way to use your computer

Groupon admits defeat in war over GNOME trademark In today's open source roundup: Groupon backs off claims to the GNOME trademark. Plus: Nine of the best Linux distributions, and a proprietary