Jul 13, 2012 · Use case: Store with buffered: true and autoLoad: true A grid using that store, with loadMask: true The store is loading data from remote server and there are enough rows for at least 2 pages. Ext 4.1.1 GPL Chrome 20, Firefox 13.0 on Win64 The problem: Every few times when the grid is showing up and store is loading, the grid locks up with a

Aug 23, 2011 · Almost universally it is based on the store's cache. That's fine when you have a small data set but once you get over a certain number of records the draw time is super slow. So, to combat that we implemented paging. We also tried the buffered grid. The problem then becomes that filtering over a store's cache isn't generally what you want. When store is filtered, finds records only within filter. **IMPORTANT. If this store is Ext.data.BufferedStore, this can ONLY find records which happen to be cached in the page cache. This will be parts of the dataset around the currently visible zone, or recently visited zones if the pages have not yet been purged from the cache.** Sep 23, 2011 · Hi: I want to filter store in server side. I try the method in Page_Load event handler but it looks doesn't work. my code is StoreTaskItemList.DataSource = Model.PlanForecastingTaskList; StoreTaskItemList.DataBind(); StoreTaskItemList.Filter("TaskType","ct",false,false); Ext JS's grid supports buffered rendering, which enables you to load large numbers of records into a grid without paging. Only the visible portions of the loaded store are rendered into the DOM. As the edge of the rendered data scrolls towards being in view, the table has new rows appended just in time, and rows removed from the receding side. ExtJS 4.2: Add/remove custom filter for grid store using a checkbox on the toolbar (local filtering) - EditGrid.js

On a decent computer with decent Internet connection this will smoke the traditional buffered grid, which ajax back on every scroll. First, we'll modify our store and add a messageProperty attribute to the proxie's reader. This will let us encode some data in JSON on the server and pass anything we want, along with our search results.

Aug 23, 2013 · Its Store is loaded with JSON data from a web service and there are filters that can be applied that will reload the Store according to what is selected. For example, if the grid displays a list of movies with columns movie name, director name, and producer name, you can filter by director name and it will reload only movies with that director.

ExtJS 4.2: Add/remove custom filter for grid store using a checkbox on the toolbar (local filtering) - EditGrid.js

Extjs tree filter [filtering tree items in extjs 4 ] Download source code from here: treeDemp.html , treeDemo1.js [Note: you will need extjs 4] Click the image to see demo