The "domainname" entry in the router is the customer URL from the dynamic DNS provider which makes the router available from external, like "". I did not find any information on the OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic website what this "domainname" could be.

Dns Routers - Best Buy networking - How to Point DNS to Machine Behind Router Several routers let you change the management port so if you change the router management port from 80 to 8080, In that case, you will want to setup dynamic DNS with namecheap (https: Browse other questions tagged networking domain-name-system or ask your own question. What's the right solution for dynamic DNS these days Jan 12, 2018

Having the ability to access our household devices remotely something that other routers have supported for years. You already have an ability to connect remotely via the App. I'd like to see either a Dynamic DNS supported that works with services like dyndns, or roll your own given that you already have remote login/authentication method.

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How to Change DNS Servers on Most Popular Routers

Mar 19, 2013 Solved: FIOS and Dynamic DNS - Verizon Fios Community However, if my outside IP changes my internal router isn't going to know about it, and won't be able to update my dynamic DNS/etc. It looks like the FIOS routers will update dynamic DNS addresses, but I'm not sure if they support namecheap, and I also don't know if they support updating more than one dynamic DNS service when my IP changes. How do I configure Dynamic DNS on my router? | D-Link Italia How do I connect two routers together? Leggi la risposta; How do I create schedule on my router? Leggi la risposta; How do I disable DNS relay? Leggi la risposta; How do I enable DMZ on my router? Leggi la risposta; How do I enable Guest Zone/Guest Access on my router? Leggi la risposta; How do I enable remote management for my router? Leggi la