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The video shows you how to customize Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN web login portal, and AnyConnect client. We will look at two types of web customization; using the portal template provided on ASDM, and creating a full custom HTML file. For VPN client customization, we will look at the basic method to replace allowed components, such as logo, background, icons etc. Basic knowledge of HTML is Solved: SSL VPN Port Change - Cisco Community Hi Caleb, You can change the port of the SSL VPN portal. On the SA 520W's web Security Appliance Configuration Utility, navigate to the Network Management Menu ->Remote Management; on the Remote management page, change the port number from 443 to 60443. SSL VPN for remote users – Fortinet Cookbook

Welcome to Meritor's SSL-VPN Portal: The Meritor SSL-VPN solution is completely client-less using only a secure web page to access Meritor internal resources. For existing users If you are experiencing issues using the SSL-VPN solution, please contact the Global Service Desk and ensure a ticket is created.

The Secure Web Browsing menu allows an SSL VPN clientless user to access any URL over SSL. SSL VPN Client The SSL VPN Client menu allows you to download SSL VPN client software and configuration files automatically generated and provided for you according to the SFOSs settings selected by the administrator. An SSL VPN generally provides two things: secure remote access via a web portal, and network-level access via an SSL-secured tunnel between the client and the corporate network. The primary benefit of an SSL VPN is data security and privacy.

SSL VPNs can be divided into two primary types. There is the VPN portal and the VPN tunnel. The SSL portal VPN allows just one SSL VPN connection at a time when visiting remote sites. Remote users

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